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Ultimate Software
Build and program Lego Mindstorm robots in an afternoon with Ultimate Software. Learn from engineers at Ultimate how much fun becoming an engineer can be! Students will work in groups to build and program their own robots to compete against each other in a fun-filled workshop. There will also be workshops for intro to coding and intro to website design.
One Beat CPR + AED/Philips
One Beat CPR + AED/Philips will give hands on interactive demonstrations on how AEDs work. Defibrillator technologies that will be on display include: self-tests, biphasic therapy, capacitor implementation, muscle impedance measurement, and speed-to-shock /first shock efficiency.
Grosman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Grosman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics display an oversized mouth to allow children to perform mock dental procedures. They will learn how to properly brush, floss and count teeth.
Masel Urology
Jonathan L. Masel, M.D., F.A.C.S. (Masel Urology in Hollywood, FL) will hold a demonstration of Laparoscopic Surgery techniques. Students will be able to practice surgical maneuvers using Laparoscopic instruments via surgical training module with a projected HD image.
DNA Extraction of cheek cells and saliva – Performed by Scientist Sarah Alter
Kids will have fun swishing a sports drink in their mouth, put in a test tube, and extract their own DNA! Take home their own test tube too!
Beth Emet Elementary
Engage in fun and educational experiments and learning experiences. Destroy a build a Lego car and race down a ramp – which car will win; go crazy with Lego; create your own origami; marshmallow engineering; OObleck: Is it a solid or a liquid; Lego zipline; engage with a robot to move marbles, draw designs and follow a track; Crazy Gears; and build, build, build – get creative with Lego!
WTU Enrichment
Build cool lego robots and take photos of what you build in these fun filled workshops. Young WEDO Builders workshop is geared for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Mindstorm Makers workshop is geared for children in grades 4th through 6th.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Coral Reef Conservative Program
“Guess that Coral?” Participants will match name cards to coral models and skeletons on display. “Wheel of Wonder!” Children with guess names of sea creatures based on characteristics. New this year is “Be a coral polyp” an interactive activity that teaches participants about how corals receive nutrition.
BSO Crime Scene Unit
Learn how the fingerprints are taken when a crime is committed and tour the actual traveling crime scene unit.
Coast Guard
Meet the Coast Guards Tactical Unit! Meet these brave individuals and learn what training they receive and what a day in the Coast Guard is all about.
Wacky Wild Science & STEM City Kids
Space Adventure
Turn down the lights, and turn up the stars! Students digitally travel through space inside a mobile planetarium.
Creepy Crawly Animals (“A”for Art Creates STEAM!)
This station is packed with creepy crawlers, including: millipedes, beetles, hissing
cockroaches, tarantulas, scorpions, a bearded dragon and a snake!
STEAM Library (“A” is also for Language Arts!)
Literacy blends with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at the STEAM City Kids
(SCK) Mobile Magazine Library.
University of Miami, Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education
The University of Miami Gordon Center will be providing attendees an opportunity to observe and interact in its mobile patient simulation    laboratory    that    realistically    resembles    a    hospital environment. Participants   will   be   able   to   practice   life-saving   skills   in   a   safe environment using the latest innovative technology including human patient simulators.
E-builder will demonstrate the use of the Oculus virtual reality headsets. Individuals will have an opportunity to experience first-hand the fascinating world of virtual reality.
IFLY will bring a portable tunnel introducing students to STEM  concepts  related to the wind tunnel and lead  students in a hand on experiment.
Opti Cool Headgear
Opti Cool Headgear will display helmets with and without ice packs while explaining how they are made and how they are used.  They will discuss the importance of protective headgear to prevent head injury and show the children how to apply graphics to the helmets.
Have fun playing educational board and card games designed to challenge your memory and vocabulary capacity. These games are a great resource for making STEM terminology fun and exciting. Stop by and take the challenge and see why teachers, parents, and kids are so excited about these new revolutionary memory games.
Wise Family Activities
Lego Racing Contest: Build a Lego car and race down a ramp – which car will win?
Lego Zipline (2): At which angle will the zipline allow the vehicle to travel the fastest? Soap Powered Boats: Make a mini boat and float it in a bin of water…What happens to the speed of the boat when a dab of dish soap is added to the water?
Drag Racing  Cups: Create  homemade  racing  cups  and  use  kinetic energy to power your racer!
2 Free Build Tables:Get creative – build, build, build!
Broward County Schools
Hands on activity for the public, including robotics and making experiences. Share information about STEM and computer science programs in Broward Schools.
Nova Southeastern
Activity Coming Soon
Magic Leap
Activity Coming Soon
3D Systech
Activity Coming Soon
Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital
Activity Coming Soon
Cypress Bay Engineering
Activity Coming Soon

Sunday, February 25, 2018 1:00-4:00PM
Beth Emet Elementary
4807 S Flamingo Rd, Cooper City, FL 33330

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