Ultimate Software

The future is here! Explore the world of computer technology with workshops for intro to coding and intro to website design.

One Beat CPR + AED/Philips

One Beat CPR + AED/Philips will give hands on interactive demonstrations on
how AEDs work. Defibrillator technologies that will be on display include: self-tests,
biphasic therapy, capacitor implementation, muscle impedance
measurement, and speed-to-shock /first shock efficiency.

Cox Media Group

Meet Cox On Air Personalities Ellen Jaffe and Jeff Martin as they host this fantastic event!



E-builder will demonstrate the use of the Oculus virtual reality headsets.
Individuals will have an opportunity to experience first-hand the fascinating world
of virtual reality.

Ascendo Resources

Come check out the incredible raffle prizes and turn in your STEM BINGO card
at the Ascendo Booth for your chance to win!!

Grosman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Grosman Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics display an oversized mouth to
allow children to perform mock dental procedures. They will learn how to properly
brush, floss and count teeth.


In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that children become active creators of technology, and not just passive users.  Like gaming?  You will love the gaming coding workshops!

Nova Southeastern University – Alvin Sherman Library

Enjoy demonstrations, giveaways, and some hands-on fun while building with K’Nex and Keva Planks!  Learn all about public STEM programs offered at the NSU Alvin Sherman Library.



Experiment with special sound platesthat demonstrate how soundwaves can actually be visualized utilizing cool plastic slinkies!


Learn the science behind iFly’s wind tunnels and taking flight, and experiment with parachutes!

Magic Leap

Explore the world of virtual reality, and take part in fantastic 3D printer projects!

Office Depot

Ready for a slime fest?  Discover how materials combine while making slime!


Combine technology with a delicious treat using coffee pot piano circuit demos! As kids learn about coffee pods and machine circuitry, parents will complementary espresso shots!


Animals AnimalsAnimals

Enjoy some fluffy friends and learn about the veterinarian’s role in their lives.

Beth Emet Elementary School

Engage in fun and educational experiments and learning experiences. Destroy a
build a Lego car and race down a ramp – which car will win; go crazy with Lego;
engineer structures with pool noodles; find your way through a lego maze, take part in the cup tower challenge; and build, build, build – get creative with Lego!

Broward Crime Scene Unit & Bomb Squad & Ambulance

Now this is really exciting!  Be sure to visit these exhibits for exploration and demonstrations with real life heroes!

Broward College Health Science Simulation Center

1- 5 year old simulation manikin (use a stethoscope to hear heart sounds).
“Germ” teaching-using Glo-Germ-Good hand washing.

DNA Extraction of cheek cells and saliva

– Performed by Scientist Sarah Alter
Kids will have fun swishing a sports drink in their mouth, put in a test tube, and
extract their own DNA! Take home their own test tube too!

Doctors on Call 365

Play the part of a medical professional while interacting with doctors who will  provide a hands on medical experience that will include taking vital signs, listening to the heart and lungs, making splints, and suturing.

Garden a la Carte

Learn about farm scaping and participate in activities featuring the use of edibles in farm scaping; while examining specific plants that can be highlighted as a part of a farm scaping ones yard.


Math can be magical!  Enjoy fun mathematical activities to expand your mind and your thinking!  Take the extra step to decode decomposing number strategies in one of our workshops.

Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative

Participants will play “Guess that Coral” using real coral skeletons, and take a spin on a prize wheel using common reef species and features.

Agriculture through Apples

Horticulture Science – participate in a hands-on, fun activity illustrating how as the world population grows, land availability to grow food decreases